Mission Statment

We are a family owned and operated livestock ranch, raising alpacas, llamas and goats. It is important to us to raise a healthy high quality livestock and to create a friendly, easy to managed goat, alpaca or llama through training programs and proper handling. To maintain a training program that is gentle, allowing the alpaca or llama to adjust to the training on their own terms.

Welcome to Ross Ranch

We are located in North East Ohio where we raise alpacas, llamas, miniature fainting silky goats, angora goats and mini Nubian goats reside. There is also a farm store carrying alpaca fiber, llama fiber and mohair as well as clothing made from these fibers. If you would like to stop by for a visit, please call for an appointment. Remember to bring apples or just the apple skins, and short cut carrots for treats for the animals.


We look forward to meeting you.

Paul & Gail Ross Ross
Ranch LLC - 330-534-8436

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Alpaca Farm Days

NATIONAL ALPACA FARM DAYS, Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29, 2013


no events scheduled

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